Education help and support

Department for Education and Skills

National Literacy Trust, Prisons Reading Initiative

Open Book

This is a specific project aimed at helping ex-offenders enrol & study at Goldsmiths University.

The Open University

Prison Reading Groups

Prisoners' Education Trust (PET)

PET aims to extend and enrich the range of education and training available to people in prison by meeting the fees for academic and vocational distance learning courses,college and vocational courses for those nearing the end of their sentence and able to leave prison during the day, and art & craft materials. The Trust only meets fees for courses which are outside the normal remit of the prison service.

Shannon Trust

Shannon Trust is a national charity supporting prisoners who can read to teach prisoners who can’t. The charity uses its Turning Pages reading resources and a national team of volunteers, to train and support men and women to unlock the power of reading for their peers.

The Prisoner Funder Directory

The Hardman Trust, in association with the Prisoner Funder Forum and supported by The Bromley Trust, has compiled a list of funders who may support prisoners' education, as well as other work in prisons. The Prisoner Funder Directory lists funders who provide financial support to individual prisoners, people in secure mental units and ex-offenders.

Prisoner support and campaigning organisations

Action for Prisoners' Families


CLINKS is a membership body that supports and develops the work that voluntary organisations (NGOs) undertake within the Criminal Justice system in England and Wales, maintaining a national database of voluntary and community organisations providing services to offenders and their families.

Howard League for Penal Reform

The oldest penal reform charity in the UK, the Howard League runs several campaigns including Real Work in Prison.

Inside Time

A monthly national newspaper for prisoners.


NACRO aims to build a safer society and reduce crime through a variety of projects and services, directed primarily at ex-offenders, providing assistance in training, job-seeking and housing.

Not Shut Up

Through the production of a national arts magazine and a range of publishing initiatives, Not Shut Up supports and celebrates the creativity of those held in secure hospitals, refugee centres, prisons, children’s homes and other custodial settings. We work closely with a range of UK-based and international partners to champion arts and writing by the “unfree”, with the express understanding that in order to achieve the aims of keeping people locked up – reducing reoffending, therapy, migration management, etc – those who are denied their freedom should not be denied the opportunity to reinterpret and reconfigure their lives through a range of expressive and creative arts.

Prison Advice and Care Trust (pact)

Working at prisons and in communities across Greater London, in Devon & Cornwall and in Milton Keynes (HMP Woodhill), services include pact child-friendly centres, resettlement projects, first night projects, and some family support.

Prison Libraries Group (PRLG)

The PRLG serves the interest of all members concerned with the provision of library services to prison communities, committed to improving the quality of the service whilst raising the profile of prison libraries, sharing and developing ideas through training and publications, and to be of benefit and support to all members concerned with library services to prisoners, prison and education staff.

Prison Reform Trust (PRT)

The work of PRT is aimed at creating a just, humane and effective penal system through research, campaigning, and providing information advice and information to prisoners and their families.

Prisoners' Advice Service (PAS)

PAS is a charitable organisation providing free and confidential legal advice regarding prison law to prisoners, their families and representatives.

St Giles Trust

St Giles aims to reduce crime and social exclusion. They believe that the people they help can be part of the solution to crime and offending, running programmes in prisons and in the community.


UNLOCK, the National Association of Ex-offenders, supports ex-offenders and serving prisoners to overcome social and financial exclusion, and plan for life after release.

Women in Prison

Women in Prison is a charity dedicated to making a difference to women at risk, both in custody and leaving custody. WIP works to promote their resettlement, personal development, education and training. WIP educate the public and policy makers about women in the criminal justice system and promote alternatives to custody.

Image kindly provided by Clifford Harper
"I really do appreciate the work your organisation is involved in and hope to be able to prove that education and self improvement are the best way for prisoners to avoid recidivism and increase their prospects upon release."
- CW, HMP Garth

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